05 Mei 2011


why he did this to me?
have boyfriend but you ......
Oh My God , why I met her ? Ruining my life .
God knows how much I love you.
God knows how much I care.
God knows how much I miss you
God knows what I would dare
To do to get myself into your heart,
So we would never be apart.
So you would always love me truly,
And complete my heart fully.
If God knows all of this stuff,
Then how come you can't realize?
Do you even know that I exist?
Do you know what you have missed?
Hopefully one day,
Even if not today,
You will open your heart and see
Who I am and what we could be.

2 ulasan:

angel_Ly berkata...

wahhhh...jiwang nyer...! ^.^

owh miera berkata...

besa2 ja..

baca lah..

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